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Why I don't offer meal plans

Wouldn’t it be so nice if someone would just tell you exactly what to eat to get your dream body??

Sure, that’d be great. I’d love to do that. But what happens when that ends? After all, I can’t plan your meals forever. And what about date nights, and weddings, and barbecues, and days when you just didn’t have time to cook?

The truth is - meal plans are band-aids. They’re temporary fixes. They’re inflexible and cookie cutter. And let’s be honest- the food is ok at best. They don’t do you any favors! I’d rather teach you how you can plan your own meals, that consist of food that you like and you choose.

Macro counting and flexible dieting teach you balance and portion control, on your terms. And I don’t know about you, but if I’m eating food I like, I’m much happier and I don’t feel deprived. And if I’m happier, not feeling restricted or deprived, I’m more likely to adhere and less likely to binge. And if I have better adherence, I will see results. When I see results, I feel good! And the cycle continues, and it becomes a lifestyle. And the rest is history.

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