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Meet Your Coach

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Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm a 35-year-old wife, a mother of 2 little ones, a dog mom, and I work full time.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Finance and an MBA, and I've always also had a passion for food, fitness and helping others.  So one day I decided to do something about it.  I studied the ins and outs of training and nutrition, and became a Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, and a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Certified coach. And, because I know first hand how underserved the pregnant and postpartum market is when it comes to fitness and nutrition, I am pre-and-postnatal certified with Girls Gone Strong! 



My Story

My health and fitness journey started in college, when I gained a significant amount of weight from poor diet and lack of exercise.  I spent years trying every low-calorie diet, 30-day fix, and tea there was out there.  I would hop from one training program to another, believing it must have been me - I must be broken.  So I continued on spending countless hours in the gym every week, eating miserably low calories, feeling constantly drained.

Later on, when I became a mother, I knew that my old ways were not going to cut it - I had no energy or time for the nonsense - so I sought help from a coach.  She helped me discover the world of flexible dieting and effective training plans, and it changed my life.  I immediately became obsessed with learning everything I could, in hopes of one day helping other desperate, busy souls seeking answers.  Now, I am the proud owner of Macro Friendly Mama online coaching.  






My Pledge to You

As someone who has fallen victim to the plethora of lies on the internet, I know how frustrating it is to feel like you are spinning your wheels, bombarded with contradictory information.   I pride myself in helping everyday people with busy lives weed through the nonsense to reach their own health and fitness goals, without having to sacrifice the fun!  Through tailored nutritional guidance & workouts you can actually look forward to, I will help you build sustainable habits that lead to lifelong results.  I look forward to working together!


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