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Macro Friendly Mama

Online Coaching

Practical plans. Sustainable results.

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Look and feel your best - on your terms.

Hi! I'm Ashley, aka "Macro Friendly Mama".  As your coach, my mission is to guide you to your health and fitness goals, in a safe and practical way, while educating you on the process.    

I recognize that you are a unique individual with different aspirations, life circumstances, obligations and challenges.  This is why I provide completely tailored experiences for each client based on his or her lifestyle, along with education and support along the way.


My mission is to help you build sustainable habits that lead to improved body confidence and overall well-being.   

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Let's talk about what we can accomplish together.

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1:1 Nutrition Coaching Only

Already have an exercise plan you like? No worries, let's tackle nutrition!

As low as:


Lifting Dumbbell


1:1 Nutrition & Training Coaching

Whether you want to lose fat, tone up, or build lean mass - I've got you covered!

As low as:


Weight Loss Essentials


1:1 Habit & Lifestyle Coaching

Want to establish new habits and improve your overall health? This fits the bill for any age!



Your health is an investment, not an expense.


The pregnancy and postpartum period can be overwhelming.  Let's work through it together.


Finding out you're pregnant is an unforgettable moment.  This news may be followed by a slew of emotions and questions as you step into a whole new world, whether it's your first child or not. The last thing you want to worry about is "what exercises are safe for pregnancy?" and "what should I eat?" The truth is that it's not such a simple 'one size fits all' answer - but it doesn't need to be overwhelming.  

As a certified pre and postnatal coach, I will help you navigate the world of pregnant and postpartum health and fitness.  I offer various individualized packages to fit your needs so you can feel confident and secure throughout your pregnancy and/or postpartum period.  

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Why work with me? 

  • I coach based on science & first hand experience.  No smoke and mirrors, no crazy hardcore diet.  Just facts. 

  • I offer a realistic approach in a judgement free safe space.  I will help you navigate through all of the myths and nonsense out there while encouraging you throughout. 

  • I believe in food freedom, so there are no "off limit" foods (unless you have a dietary restriction)- you get to decide how you fill your day of eating.

  • I teach you the "why" behind the planning and a solid "exit strategy" so that you can do it all yourself in the future and maintain the results you work hard for. 

  • I recognize that overall health and well-being is more than just a number on the scale - it's how you feel on the inside as well.  This is why we check on other biofeedback indicators such as sleep, energy, mood, etc.


What will I expect from you?


I am able to best serve you when you are completely honest with me and communicate with me as often as you need.


Lifelong results take time to achieve.  There are no easy, quick fixes - you must be willing to play the long game.


Change can be scary.  But I promise I will not lead you astray - put your trust in me and I will open you up to a world of possibility.


You get out what you put in.  I will hold you accountable and expect solid effort, while still recognizing that you are human.


"I weigh less now and have way more muscle than I did even in high school! And I’m eating a lot more food- I never had to give up beer or pizza.  Macro counting has been a total game changer for me!”

-Male client, 34
Lost 41 pounds and 32 inches in 1 year 


Hard work pays off.  See for yourself.

Zumba Dancer

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out".

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